Image: Ceumannan 4 Modal 1 Aonad 1 montage
Graphic: Gaelic Alphabet

Faclair Mòr A

Gàidhlig gu Beurla 

Graphic Text: Click on the links on the left to hear the words
Do/does … suit me?
Does … suit me?
Are you seeing us?/Can you see us?
Do you intend/plan to…?
Would you like to be a…?
Would you like to go to university?
Do you want to…?/Would you like to…?
Are you sure?
Are you hearing me?/Can you hear me?
Do you understand me?
Are you using them?
Do you want us?
Are you wise?
Are you a manager?
Are you a…?
every second day
according to
The Vatican
What a bargain!
What a price!
river, the river
Breadalbane Academy
Culloden Academy
field, the field
fields, the fields
rivers, the rivers
in front of her
in front of him
behind him
behind her
on the fourth day
on the first day
on the fifth day
on the second day
on the tenth day
In the countryside
on the ninth day
on the eighth day
on the third day
on the seventh day
on the sixth day
on our right
in front of you
behind you
in front of me
place, the place
places, the places
accommodation, the accomodation
places to stay
Scottish (nationality)
the biggest town
Would you be interested in…?
Would you enjoy…?
Would you like to go…?
May I get a table for five?
May I get the bill?
May I have some bread?
May I have a table for four?
May I take a photograph?
May we take... with us?
the small one (referring to a masculine noun)
Do they need to take... with them?
Do I need to sit there?
Do I need to take a lot of money with me?
the best pizza in town
this year
Are you from Glasgow?
Is your mum from South Uist?
Are you from...?
The Sistine Chapel
after/in a year’s time
after/in a while
after/in a month’s time
after/in a week’s time
after/in (used with lengths of time)
the fourth
the fifth
The Coloseum
the tenth
intend(s) to…
the small ones
the ninth
the best Greek salad in Scotland
the seventh
the sixth
our house
my favourite restaurant
the small one(referring to a feminine noun)
the heat
the eighth
Will you give me...?
first of all
starters (on a menu)
Did you say…?
pineapple, the pineapple
the next day
next month
(the) next week
main courses
in fashion
(going) abroad
apron, the apron
Plockton High School
Lochside High School
hardest/most difficult
hardest/most difficult
in (the) summer

"A bheil thu glic?" That's a good one to ask your classmates!