Image: Ceumannan 4 Modal 1 Aonad 1 montage
Graphic: Gaelic Alphabet

Faclair Mòr B

Gàidhlig gu Beurla 

Graphic Text: Click on the links on the left to hear the words
I would prefer…/I wish…
backpack, the backpack
backpacks, the backpacks
Vatican City
bargain, the bargain
Saint Peter’s Basilica
big mountains, the big mountains
mountains, the mountains
animal, the animal
animals, the animals
mountain, the mountain
a vet, the vet
…would suit you.
…would be good
It would be good to learn Italian
Gaelic would be useful
I would be interested in a job with Gaelic
I would be interested in…
to be
‘Yes’(in answer to a question beginning ‘Am biodh?’)
I would be suitable for the job
I would be good at the job
I would
volcano, the volcano
to talk
from me (emphatic)
Scottish food
all kinds of food
Italian food
French food
German food
Greek food
Japanese food
Indian food
Chinese food
Spanish food
traditional food
Some people say
there will be a delay of an hour
They will be worried/concerned
It will cost you dearly/You’ll pay for it.
As full as a nut (very full)
as dead as a herring
I’ll be relaxing/I relax
I’ll be frozen
I will be using it/I use it
I’ll be happy to give it up
a table for ten
snowboard, the snowboard
brothers, the brothers
crisps, the crisps
I would like to do…
I would like to see…
I would like to go…
I would like
Yes (in answer to a question beginning ‘Am bu toigh?’)
mess/muddle, the mess/the muddle


Graphic : As dead as a herring