Image: Ceumannan 4 Modal 1 Aonad 1 montage
Graphic: Gaelic Alphabet

Faclair Mòr C

Gàidhlig gu Beurla 

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chapel, the chapel
credit card, the credit card
Dunvegan Castle
Where would you like to go?
shinty, the shinty
a sheep, the sheep
sheep, the sheep
passport, the passport
Headmaster, the Headmaster
four brothers
four people
four million people
traditional music
one hundred pounds per person
I wouldn’t be interested in…
I wouldn’t enjoy…
‘No’(in answer to a question beginning ‘Am biodh?’)
I wouldn’t want to live in Edinburgh
I would not
‘No’ (In answer to a question beginning ‘Am bu toigh?’)
I wouldn’t like to go…
I am not from...
‘No’ (in answer to a question beginning ‘An ann...?’)
I only have a brother
There are only two people in my family
It is only/There are only…
Too much salt is not good for you.
They aren’t hearing us/They can’t hear us.
I don’t plan/intend to…
I don’t understand...
I don’t want to be a doctor
I don’t want to go to university
I don’t want to…/I wouldn’t like to…
I’m not sure
I’m not seeing them/I can’t see them
I am not very keen on...
Me neither
I’m not interested in...
You may not take photographs
You may not smoke
You may not take a mobile phone with you.
‘No’ (in answer to a question beginning ‘Am faod?’)
I don’t need to take ... with me
I don’t have to wear a suit and tie.
‘No’ (in answer to a question beginning ‘Am feum…?)
I can’t eat with chopsticks
I would say it’s pretty expensive
I would say this is the best restaurant
I would say…
to buy
to use
to play
so expensive
so boring
As tough as an old shoe
to keep/to hold
to put
How many are in your family?
kilogram, the kilogram
kilogrammes, the kilogrammes
shore, the shore
shores, the shores
clinic, the clinic
helmet, the helmet
chess club, the chess club
competition, the competition
five people
wood, the wood (woodland)
woods, the woods
community, the community
the Gaelic College
college, the college
along with us
along with him
along with her
along with me
ocassionally/now and then
tree, the tree
trees, the trees
broadcasters, the broadcasters
rock, the rock
rocks, the rocks
cattle, the cattle
Trìp/tour, the Trìp/the tour
Trìps/tours, the Trìps/tours
sandals, the sandals
helping people
souvenirs, the souvenirs
souvenir, the souvenir
bill, the bill
a cookery course, the cookery course
a computing course, the computing course
a college course, the college course
an art course, the art course
course, the course
too much salt
too much


Graphic: Craicte!