Image: Ceumannan 4 Modal 1 Aonad 1 montage
Graphic: Gaelic Alphabet

Faclair Mòr D

Gàidhlig gu Beurla

Graphic Text: Click on the links on the left to hear the words
two hours’ time
a care home, the care home
delay, the delay
people, the people
What size?
How long?
What do I need to take with me?
What do I need?
of every/each kind
What will you have?
What about…?
What can I do for you?
What are you saying?
What did you say?
make sure
preparing/getting ready
ten thousand people
nine pounds and ninety nine pence
ten brothers
ten people
drinks, the drinks
for my dad
for my mum
to do/to make
to go
for yourself
lunch, the lunch
jeans, the jeans
two brothers
two people
going to watch
going to go away
going to work
going to do
going to have
going to visit
going on a Trìp/tour
bad enough
worry/concern/the worry/concern
bad weather/the bad weather
Shut up!
a dozen
country, the country

"Dìcheallach". That's one word teachers like to hear!