Image: Ceumannan 4 Modal 1 Aonad 1 montage
Graphic: Gaelic Alphabet

Faclair Mòr G

Gàidhlig gu Beurla 

Graphic Text: Click on the links on the left to hear the words
hearing him/it
helping him
hearing her/it
helping her
doing it (referring to a feminine noun)
doing it (refering to a masculine noun)
seeing her/it
seeing him/it
wanting her/it
eating it (referring to a feminine noun)
drinking it (refering to a feminine noun)
wanting him/it
eating it (refering to a masculine noun)
drinking it
take it easy/relax
every kind/all kinds
meet(ing) you
believe you/believing you
helping you
seeing you
wanting you
miss(ing) you
taking you
a gardener, the gardener
helping me
seeing me
wanting me
Laser Quest, the Laser Quest
German (nationality)
vegetables, the vegetables
glen, the glen
glens, the glens
amenities, the amenities
Greek (nationality)
to our left
that (is/are)
that (will)
that (was/were)
meet(ing) you
that (is a/the)
miss(ing) you
that (likes)


GGB - Gàidhlig gu Bràth!