Image: Ceumannan 4 Modal 1 Aonad 1 montage
Graphic: Gaelic Alphabet

Faclair Mòr T

Gàidhlig gu Beurla 

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fashion show, the fashion show
exhibition, the exhibition
exhibitions, the exhibitions
one, the one (referring to a feminine noun)
teaching (noun)
heat, the heat
referee, the referee (for employment)
Alana says that she’ll be working in summer
The Police say that part of the road is closed
Rome is nearly three thousand years old
Colin intends to leave school
There’s a fly in my salad!
There’s too much work involved in it
People say that Rome is a beautiful city
I am worried/concerned
He is a teacher
he is a…
Exercise is important
I can’t wait to see you
I can’t wait/I’m longing for…
I know that ... isn’t good for you
She says that the weather was horrible
she is a teacher.
she is a…
I intend to leave school
I agree with you
I think that the Greek restaurant is the best place in town.
I’m frozen
I would like to try…
I want to do a cookery course
I would like to try
I want to live in Glasgow
I want to get a job
I want to…/I would like to…
I hope that the pizza will be good.
I hope you enjoy the tour/Trìp
I hope that you enjoy the food
I hope that s/he enjoys/likes it
I hope that you enjoy/like it.
I hope that you enjoyed the food.
I hope that she will not be ill.
I’m seeing you/I see you
I’m missing you/I miss you
I’m quite good at...
I am a driver.
I am a…
I’m really keen on...
I am of the opinion…
Around four million people live there
We have nice neighbours
There are six people in my family
We are seeing you/We can see you
You’re as thin as a rake!
I’m really interested in...
is/is not bad for you
is/is not good for you
…does/doesn’t suit him
…does/doesn’t suit her
…does/doesn’t suit you
It does/doesn’t matter
I do/don’t understand him/it
I do/don’t understand her/it
I am/I’m not hearing you
I do/don’t understand you
to choose
I’ll come to meet you
Give me...
to take/to bring
The woman said the plane will be delayed
Calum said that he doesn’t want a drink
Finlay said that the restaurant was good
She said that the plane was delayed
Michael said that he will not be going away
Yusef said that he is going to Spain
plenty of time/enough time
tuna fish, the tuna fish
building, the building
lots of shops
lots more
lots of fish
lots of work
lots of interesting things
lots of writing
traffic, the traffic
lovely beaches
big white beaches
training, the training
three thousand years
three sisters
three people
salary/wage, the salary/wage
farmer, the farmer
farms, the farms
more information
boat Trìp, the boat Trìp


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