Image: Goirseasan Cànain don bhun-sgoil


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Table Mat for pupils in Class 1 & Class 2

desk mats

Each pupil will have a mat at their place at the table.

The mat has the key words for Class 1 and Class 2 from the Highland Literacy Project round the border, pictures with sentences below which provide structure patterns for the pupils, and a space for the teacher to write with a wipeable pen.

This will all help pupils with writing, reading and talking.

Sentence Maker Card Set

Sentence cards

The set contains cards with pictures and with words relating to Myself/The Family and Animals.

The teacher will choose pictures and words as appropriate to the lesson.

Pupils can create questions and answers with the cards.

The aim is to reinforce basic structures in an enjoyable, active way.

This relates to the language target I can say what something or someone is.

Loop Sentences

Sentence Loops

There are two sets of 14 cards, a blue one and a red one, which make a loop or round.

Each card contains a question and an answer, but the answer is not on the same card as the question.

The cards from one set are distributed among a group of pupils.

The pupil who begins reads the question from a card, and the whole group looks for the correct answer.

The pupil who has the correct answer reads it out and then reads the question on that card.

This activity reinforces the language target I can ask and answer questions.

Answer Cards

Aswer Cards

This is a set of 30 cards with which pupils can answer questions in the past or future tense.

The cards are for the 10 irregular verbs, bi and is. Each card has a positive and a negative response (yes/no) printed in such a way that it is easily flipped by the pupil. 

The teacher will choose cards as appropriate to the lesson.

He/She will distribute these cards to the pupils and then ask questions using these verbs. Pupils wil hold up appropriate answers.

More able pupils could read the questions or make up more questions.

This activity also reinforces the language target I can ask and answer questions, here with reference to the irregular verbs.

Prepositional Pronoun Posters


A set of 10 A4 posters containing the prepositional pronouns connected to: aig air ann à/às gu ro ri do/a le bho/o.

The posters are designed for pupils in upper primary and secondary.

They can be displayed on the wall but are strong enough to be handled.

Alphabet Floormat

Floor mat

As well as the letters of the Gaelic alphabet, vowels with accents and some of the most common blends are included on the mat.

This will allow pupils to spell out Gaelic words quickly and correctly in a game similar to Twister.

Round the border of the mat, with accompanying illustrations, are words from Fuaim is Facal which provide a pattern for the pupils and are helpful for them.

Teacher's Notes

Teacher's Notes