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This is a collection of engaging new short stories from new writers such as Karen Mackinnon and David Martin, and from experienced writers such as Donald John MacIver.

These stories will take the reader on a journey from despair to hope, from Scotland to Haiti, and from gloominess to happiness.

The stories explore different aspects of life, the tiny details and the big questions.

There is a strong blend of realism and magic in this collection. From the very beginning the reader feels Naomi’s fear or Lee’s loneliness, but there is also humour and hope in the important questions the characters have.

This collection handles complex, weighty subjects in a way which is appealing and appropriate, and perfect for young folk.

Read it and enjoy it.


Myles Campbell

Myles was born in 1944 in the Isle of Skye where his father was a missionary.

He has done many different things but was a Gaelic teacher for a long time prior to beginning writing full-time.

He is a recognised poet and won the Bardic Crown at the Royal National Mod in 2002.

He also writes prose and has written several books for children and for teenagers over the years.

Kerry Anne MacLeod

Kerry was born in Lewis, and she is a student at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig where she is doing a degree in Gaelic and the Media.

She has always been keen on writing and reading and her favourite book is ‘The Host’ by Stephenie Meyer.

She would like to continue writing short stories and poetry in the future as it gives her great pleasure.

Norman Maclean

Norman MacLean was born in Glasgow in 1936.

Although he taught for a while in secondary schools throughout Scotland, he spent most of his life singing, piping and trying to make people laugh.

He was also involved in radio and television work.

He has written several books in Gaelic and in English.

He returned home to Uist in 2009 and he is now very happy in Grimsay.

Seonag Monk

Seonag is from Benbecula and she has been a broadcaster with BBC Radio nan Gàidheal for a good number of years.

She has written for radio, television, stage, books and film.

Donald John MacIver

Donald John lived in Stornoway, where he worked in education for nearly forty years after graduating from Aberdeen University with an Honours Degree in Celtic Languages.

It was while at university that he started writing.

He was President of An Comunn Gàidhealach from 1985 to 1990, and he won the Bardic Crown at the Royal National Mod in 2000.

He wrote and edited a good number of Gaelic books, including a novel, books of short stories and school text books.

He won awards for stories and for poetry, and a good few of his stories have been broadcast on radio.

Calum MacKinnon

Calum is from East Kilbride in South Uist.

He has written for radio, television, stage and film.

David Martin

In 2003 David graduated from Strathclyde University with a degree in English literature.

After this he spent time travelling and improving his snow-boarding skills in Canada, and then in Barcelona doing a TEFL course.

He began writing full-time when he returned home.

He was always interested in writing and he began to write poetry and short stories when he was fourteen years of age but strangely, he stopped while he was at university.

He has published short stories and poetry in magazines and books and in The Herald.

He was a writer in residence at An Lanntair in Stornoway and was invited to a Hi-Arts Master Class in 2006.

He has read his work across the country and on radio along with the musician, John Morrison.

He is currently a director with MacTV.