The Bi Sunndach agus Seinn music book by Dolina Munro contains 34 songs, rhymes and games which are designed to engage and stimulate children of all abilities.

Although many of the songs are new, there are some familiar favourites including 8 traditional songs which have been given a new treatment.

By participating in these fun musical games, children will learn key musicianship skills such as listening, turn taking, keeping the beat, feeling the rhythm and becoming pitch aware.

In addition, young Gaelic speakers will find ample opportunity to learn and use vocabulary and phrases within a practical context, with extension activities designed to reinforce the language.

The book aims to deliver many of the outcomes associated with ‘The Curriculum for Excellence’ through exploration of movement, sound and expression. Please remember that the suggested guidelines are not prescriptive and should be adapted to suit the abilities and needs of your children.

So be active and have fun……bi sunndach agus seinn!

Bidh Sunndach & Seinn

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New app!

23 songs are now available via the Òrain Bi Sunndach app. Download now it to hear the songs and sing along to the words!

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