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Image : Catriona air chuairt


This resource develops creative writing skills using traditional and mythical tales.


Stòrlann and Immersive Education, who worked in collaboration, to produce Sgrìobhadh Cruthachail, the second title in the Kar2ouche series are pleased to say that the title will soon be making its way to the schools. Each of the titles contain a wide selection of 3D characters, backgrounds, props, supporting text and audio. Also, activities and lesson planning is available in the Teacher Support Pack.

With Kar2ouche Creative writing, students can read, listen to an watch pre-made storyboards. They can use characters, backgrounds, props, text and audio to produce their own versions of stories and individual creative writing texts.

The story of the Three Little Pigs helps students to work on planning and writing simple stories. Cinderella allows them to explore characters and story plots and work in particular on writing engaging beginnings and endings to stories. They can explore different versions of Cinderella, including versions from Kashmir and Egypt. This will enhance their understanding of character and settings. They may also use these tools to create possible sequels or other endings. Students are encouraged to plan and write stories based on their own experiences using familiar settings.


All the work supported by Catrìona is based around the character of one inquisitive young cat and her fondness for visiting her friends and neighbours. Luckily they all live in one long street, Sràid a’ Chnuic, in houses which differ in height, width, colour and shape; the number of windows varies as does their design and also the design of the front doors. Both exterior and interior views are intended to stimulate discussion and comparison since the inhabitants, too, vary according to age, gender, ethnicity and occupation. The picture book is a suitable size for reading aloud, and for sharing with a small group.

Language patterns are very important in Catrìona air Chuairt. The pattern of house number, greeting, an offer of breakfast and Catrìona’s response: Cha ghabh, tapadh leat (no thank you) is the same on each of Catrìona’s visits except the last, where she doesn’t have time to respond, so eager is she to escape from Calum, the vet’s large and enthusiastic dog! The pattern of counting forwards, established at house number 1, is reversed when Catrìona begins her flight homewards.

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