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Gaelic Education Resources

Fàilte gu làrach-lìn Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig, a' bhuidheann a tha a' co-òrdanachadh foillseachadh agus sgaoileadh ghoireasan do dh'fhoghlam Gàidhlig air feadh Alba.

Welcome to the website of Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig, the organisation charged with co-ordinating the production and distribution of Gaelic educational resources throughout Scotland.

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Image: Scottish QuestOnline Shop

This is a Gaelic version of the popular board game 'Scottish Quest' – a heritage game with over 2000 questions about land and nature, history, culture and contemporary Scotland. Buy it now!

Scottish Quest

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Image: An Dàrna CogadhWW2 - An Dàrna Cogadh

An inter-disciplinary resource has been produced to support the teaching of this subject in P4 – 7 in the primary school.


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Image: Additional Support NeedsAdditional Support Needs

Additional Support Needs in Gaelic Medium Education - A collective resource

Collective Resource Document

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Graphic Text : gaelic4parents.com

This website is a fun filled resource for parents with children in Gaelic Medium Education. Join an on-line community, get help with homework, play games, listen to Gaelic phrases and lots, lots more...

Eadar dà Sgeul

Eadar Dà Sgeul, a collection of new and well-known Gaelic stories should now be in high schools. There are worksheets and drama scripts to accompany the book.

Drama Scripts

Logo: Mìirean

Mìrean is a website for teachers to provide support regarding Gaelic grammar.

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