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An t-Alltan Workshops, 2018
An t-Alltan 2018 - Joan MacKay, Education Scotland, Keynote speech
An t-Alltan - Workshops 2018 - Josie Macleod


The An t-Alltan 2019 conference for Gaelic teachers and Early Years staff will be held in the
MacDonald Aviemore Conference Centre,
on 2 and 3  October.

 The conference will be an excellent professional learning opportunity for Gaelic educationalists and will provide delegates with the opportunity to have a look at new initiatives for teaching and learning through a series of talks and workshops.



Workshops 2019

Early Years

Learning together 

Marianne Nairn  & Gillian Forbes

CALA/ Peeple

Learning Together – Helping children and parents to play and learn together.


Introduction to Gàidhlig nan Òg

Jackie Mullen

Jackie Mullen, co-ordinator of Stòrlann’s new resource Gàidhlig nan Òg, will be delivering a workshop on its content and potential use in both early years and home settings.

There will be an opportunity to look at the website layout and explore some of the themes within it e.g. The Body & Face, Numbers and Daily Routines.


Cluich a ’muigh

Bòrd na Gàidhlig Early Years Workers

Ideas and resources for simple activities for use outside with parents and young children. 


Bookbug Explorer Training

Joanna Nicholson

This training session offers practitioners an understanding of how to gift the Explorer Bag effectively, including how to excite children about books, stories and reading.

The Bookbug Explorer Bag is gifted to every three-year-old in Scotland in their ante-preschool year. The free Explorer Bag is packed with books, music, drawing materials and other resources to encourage parent and child interaction. Research shows us that the bags are most effective when parents and children are involved in the gifting process.

Course Aims and Objectives

  • Give practitioners an understanding of how to gift the Explorer Bag effectively, including how to excite children about books, stories and reading
  • Improve understanding of how to engage parents in Bookbug bag gifting and why this is important
  • Give ideas of practical activities that will build excitement before gifting the bags
  • Highlight key messages about book sharing to pass on parents
  • Show how the Explorer bag links to GIRFEC and Curriculum for Excellence


Let’s sing together

Lisa MacDonald

Song is a powerful way to engage young children in language learning opportunities. With care, and with an understanding of the particular needs of the target audience, the learning potential can be maximised.



Twilight Sessions

In addition to the earlier workshops, we are pleased to offer twilight sessions as follows:

Cearcall (Mindfulness)

In this session Susan from Cearcall will talk about mindfulness, what it is (and isn’t) and the evidence base behind the recent success of mindfulness. She will also talk about her work teaching mindfulness in schools to both young people and teachers. The practice of mindfulness is widely acknowledged as beneficial for young people but often overlooked are the teachers. As stress levels rise in society in general, this simple approach can benefit us all. We will also be doing a little mindfulness practice in the session so you can experience a few mindful moments yourself.


STaG – Speech Therapy and Gaelic App

Chris Mitchell will lead a hands-on workshop to demonstrate the Speech Therapy & Gaelic App (STAG) which Stòrlann & Lumberjack Digital developed for The Speech & Language Unit at NHS Western Isles. STAG was launched in February by John Swinney, Minister for Education & Skills.
Since the launch STAG has been used to deliver to support to children with ASN. The workshop will focus on the use of interactive activities and audio resources.



This session explores mindfulness exercises featured in the Mothachas tro Film resource via a collection of clips from feature and youth-made films, culminating in a light-touch filmmaking task. You will gain confidence in understanding how to use film to support young people approaching challenging circumstances, such as exams and transition. Suitable particularly for educators of 7-13 year olds.


Reviving Gaelic 3-18 (Alasdair Bauld)

In this session, Alasdair Bauld, Dornoch Academy,  will  explain what was involved in setting up the 3-18 school (Dornoch Firth – Dornoch Academy + Dornoch Primary + Bonar Bridge Primary) coinciding with the implementation of the 1+2 Languages Policy as a way to revive Gaelic in the ASG after it all but disappeared a few years ago with the mothballing of the GME class in Bonar. This will include information relating to implementation, practicalities and future aspirations.


Tobar an Dualchais

In this session Tobar an Dualchais will show the new support resources they have for secondary teachers. This includes a selection of 25 audio recordings, with traditional tales which give information about customs and lifestyle. There is a transcription of each record and there are accompanying videos for 10 of them, where the records were retold in a simpler way. There are also support notes and suggestions available for teachers. Come and find out more about this helpful resource.


Scottish Book Trust – Bookbug

Scottish Book Trust’s Bookbug programme provides bags of books and other resources to children from birth to Primary 1. There are Gaelic versions of all of the bags for children in Gaelic Medium Education and families interested in Gaelic. Thanks to funding from Bòrd na Gàidhlig, for the last two years, they produced Gaelic versions of their Bookbug P1 Teacher Packs which include copies of the books included in the Bookbug Gaelic Primary 1 Family Bag along with activity ideas to use the bags in school as well as engage with parents.

This Focus Group is aimed at Primary 1 Teachers and will be an interactive session gathering feedback on the Gaelic Teacher Packs and Gaelic Primary 1 Bags. Scottish Book Trust will provide a selection of Gaelic books to everyone who takes part to thank them for their time.

Conference Timetable

Tuesday 1 October
19:00 – 20:00


Opening / Speech

John Joe MacNeil

We are delighted to announce that opening the event will be the Deputy First Minister of Scotland and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney MSP, and speaking thereafter will be John Joe MacNeil, Senior Teaching Fellow for Gaelic Education, The University of Edinburgh.


An t-Alltan
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An t-Alltan

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An t-Alltan 2019

“This is easily the best event in the teaching calendar. Don’t miss it!”

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