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Ceumannan comes to life in Portree High and Plockton High

2 December 2009

To mark the arrival of Ceumannan, the Gaelic secondary learners’ course, Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig organised a competition to encourage pupils to use Gaelic and technology in the classroom. Schools were asked to submit videos of classes singing, rapping and acting using the songs, raps and plays from Ceumannan or making up their own.

Image: Ceumannan PrizewinnerStòrlann was delighted with the entries received and when the time came for awarding prizes, it was difficult to choose between the plays from Plockton High School and the plays and rap from Portree High School. The pupils had made a tremendous effort in putting the entries together and the videos were great fun, well acted and the standard of Gaelic was excellent.

The Ceumannan crew from Stòrlann visited Portree and Plockton recently to thank the schools for their work and to hand out prizes.  A BBC reporter also filmed the Portree visit and a report appeared on Aithris na Maidne on Radio nan Gàidheal and on the news programme An Là on BBC Alba.  On both occasions, Emma Christie, the course writer handed out the prizes and the pupils were delighted to receive very nifty little video cameras and other bits and pieces.  They promised to make more films which Stòrlann will put on the Ceumannan website and on the Ceumannan channel on YouTube

We are really looking forward to seeing more from these schools, and from other schools too. It would be great to see Ceumannan working in different ways with different pupils throughout the country.  Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig would like to thank all the schools, pupils and teachers who took part and be sure to watch out for other Stòrlann competitions with great prizes coming soon.

storlann's Ceumannan - Prizewinners - Plockton HS photoset storlann's Ceumannan - Prizewinners - Plockton HS photoset
storlann's Ceumannan - Prizewinners - Portree HS photoset storlann's Ceumannan - Prizewinners - Portree HS photoset
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