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Launch of new resource - An Seotal

25 August 2007

Last week, Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig launched a new project An Seotal which aims to address requirements for standardised terminology in high schools. As Chrissie MacRae, Project officer explained:

‘With new subjects being taught through the medium of Gaelic in Glasgow and other locations, pupils and teachers require terminology that is not yet standarised in Gaelic. At the moment, considerable translation is being undertaken by the local authorities and it is evident that different words are used in different places.

An Seotal aims to provide a standardised translation service to schools. This is very important at secondary level education where pupils throughout the country sit the same exam paper and where it is crucial that they understand what is required.'

Chrissie explained that the database is not yet fully populated but by allowing access whilst it is being developed, the opportunity exists for schools to use the information as it appears and to make comments and suggestions. Please visit www.anseotal.org.uk to use the service.

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