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Ceumannan - A New Course for Gaelic Learners in High School

26 August 2008

At the moment, Stòrlann is working on a new course for Gaelic learners in high school, beginning with books 1 and 2 for pupils in the first two years. It is hoped the books will be in schools ready for the new session in August 2009.

Stòrlann’s Gaelic/Gàidhlig (High School) Development Officer, Shona Cormack, has been heavily involved in the project since starting in April. In August, Emma Christie joined the team as Course Writer and is busy creating and preparing materials. Emma and Shona taught Gaelic learners for many years at Portree High School and every indication shows that this resource will be both useful and attractive to learners at a crucial stage.

Teachers will have an opportunity to see and evaluate some of the new course materials at Stòrlann’s An t-Alltan conference in October, as well as contributing to debate on the next steps.

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