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New books

22 January 2010

The Age of Revolutions (Imprint/Stòrlann)

In this book you will learn about people, communities and events in the Age of Revolutions. You will learn about the Jacobite uprisings in the Highlands of Scotland and about the introduction of radical changes that affected the industrial and agricultural landscapes of Britain. You will also learn about political issues that ended British rule in America and about important events that brought to an end the old way of life in France,  leaving the ruling classes throughout  the rest of Europe living in fear.

Modern Studies AS1–AS2

Modern Studies AS1–AS2 was awarded The Saltire Society TES Scotland Educational Publications Award for 2004 as the judges' choice of the best published non-fiction work for the Scottish schools curriculum. This attractive, new edition of the book has been revised and contains new information. All that was relevant from the first publication has been retained and new units have been added to deal with interesting topics such as the functions of the Scottish Parliament and the effects of terrorism on our modern global society.

Teejay Maths Level D (5-14)

This attractive, colourful book covers everything that is required of pupils in order to achieve Level D within the Mathematics 5-14 framework. It is anticipated that it will take pupils about a year to complete. The first chapter in the book involves the pupils revisiting briefly all the topics dealt with at Level C. This will ensure the pupils are adequately prepared to tackle the tasks required at Level D.

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