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Graphic Text : A' toirt taic do dh'fhoghlum Gàidhlig gu nàiseantaGraphic: Kids reading book
Image: New High School Gaelic/Gàidhlig materials

Two new resources will be arriving in schools soon:
Image : Eadar dà Sgeul

Eadar Dà Sgeul

A collection of 28 short stories (old and new). The collection contains some of the most renowned stories in Gaelic, including An Taghadh by Iain Crichton Smith and Briseadh na Cloiche by John Murray. Together with the more familiar stories, there is new material from David Martin, Kevin MacNeil and Morag Martin, amongst others. There is also a very useful preface by Donald John MacLeod. We hope that there will be something for all high school pupils in the collection.

To provide support to teachers, a set of on-line teaching materials will also accompany the book. The set will contain materials for learners and fluent speakers and teachers’ notes. The book should be in schools next month.

Image: illustration of two newsreaders

Topic Packs Level 3 S1-S3 Gàidhlig – An t-Àm airson nan Naidheachdan

Image: Illustration of PDAThis is the second title in a series of topic packs and it has been newly created for Gàidhlig pupils between S1 and S3 – level 3 in the Curriculum for Excellence. Criomagan Litreachais is already online and has proved popular with teachers and pupils. An t-Àm airson nan Naidheachdan was prepared by Gillebrìde MacMillan and pupils will look at news and how it is gathered, edited and presented. They will Image: Illustration of teenager on phoneeven be able to read a bulletin from an autocue to find out if they’re ready for a job on BBC Alba! A range of activities is included in the pack, together with opportunities for cross-curricular projects with other departments. We hope pupils will enjoy the pack and that they will gain in confidence in all the core skills through working through the various exercises. Image: Illustration of radioThe pack should appear on Stòrlann’s website next week and listening passages for this and Criomagan Litreachais will shortly be available online. Watch out for two more packs online soon: Na Caogadan and Seallaidhean an t-Saoghail.

Graphic text : Ceumannan

Ceumannan 2 and 3 – advance notice!

Ceumannan 2 and 3 will appear in schools in May or early June 2010 and should take learners to the end of Level 3 in the Curriculum for Excellence. The books are complete and are currently with the designers. Stòrlann will make every effort to ensure that the covers on the new books are strong enough to withstand school life! We will be recording the listening extracts shortly and are currently developing some new online materials, including games based on the new language in the books.


If you require further information about any of the above resources or any other high school materials, please contact Shona Cormack, Development Officer (Gaelic/Gàidhlig in Secondary School) on shonacormack@storlann.co.uk or on 07768 432354.

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