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Internet Terms

Internet Terms booklet distributed

11 May 2012

An Seotal’ is an on-line terminology database which is aimed specifically at secondary schools which teach subjects through the medium of Gaelic, but is also a useful resource for pupils at all stages and the Gaelic world in general.

The website shows

  • terms in English and in Gaelic
  • other relevant lexicographical information, e.g. gender of nouns, plural and other forms
  • the subject area(s) to which these terms relate
  • examples of usages where relevant
  • a grammar grid which gives guidance on how nouns change in different cases, with and without the article

When the site was in preparation several questions arose as to suitable terminology and it was apparent that there were multi-translations available for the same English term, for example, ‘brobhsair’, ‘rùraiche’, ‘sealladair’ for ‘browser’; ‘cliog’ and ‘briog’ for ‘click’; ‘thoir a-nuas’ and ‘luchdaich a-nuas’ for ‘download’.

As a result of this, ‘An Seotal’ assembled more than thirty representatives from educational bodies, Gaelic development groups, broadcasting and academic institutions at a conference which investigated the requirements for Gaelic internet terminology.

In the course of the day the wider question was discussed and the actually terminology was reviewed.

This booklet contains the results of that process, and also of several other developments in Gaelic computer language. We would like to thank everyone who attended, and in particular TELI for their support.

The conference determined that, for various reasons, there was a need for an agreed terminology.

Firstly, development bodies and design companies will not have to spend time and money on new translations each time a Gaelic website or other resource is created.

More importantly perhaps, it will allow browsers to become accustomed to using the internet through the language.

The internet is an important area for Gaelic and indeed for languages in general.

Therefore we hope that this booklet will answer some of the questions which arise and be useful to you as you create new web resources in Gaelic.

All the terminology in this booklet can be found in ‘An Seotal’ at www.anseotal.org.uk.



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