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Graphic Text : A' toirt taic do dh'fhoghlum Gàidhlig gu nàiseantaGraphic: Kids reading book
Graphic: A' Chiste Chiuil

A' Chiste-chiuil

11 November 2011

Newly published by Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig and Young Musicians Hebrides is A' Chiste Chiùil.

This resource consists of a box of musical instruments with a folder of teaching notes.

Training sessions are planned in conjunction with YMH together with online training sessions.

The resource received an enthusiastic welcome at An t-Alltan,the teachers' conference in Inverness in October.

The kit provides opportunities for the children (and the teacher!) to play with music and to become comfortable with it while learning songs, rhymes and tunes which will give them a solid foundation from a young age.

We hope that teachers and pupils at early years' level have fun with the kit and that it proves useful to them.


Image: A' Chiste-chiuil


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