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New Chief Executive

23 January 2012

Stòrlann, the Gaelic organisation responsible for producing resources for the burgeoning Gaelic medium sector in Scotland has announced the recruitment of a new chief executive. He is Donald Morrison, who was previously employed by the national Gaelic development agency, Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Mr Morrison took up his new post this month and stated that he was looking forward to the challenge of continuing the development of the organisation. He takes over from Johanna Marshall, who has returned to teaching.

Since Stòrlann was established in 1999, its work has continued to grow in line with the expansion in Gaelic medium education.

It now produces a significant range of teaching resources for the pre-school sector, primary schools and secondary schools. The organisation also hosts the Gaelic4Parents website to assist in homework duties and the Seotal terminology project.

With its main offices in Stornoway, Stòrlann now has a team of 17 in various locations across Scotland.

Mr Morrison, who has over 30 years of experience of development work in the arts, education and language sectors, said: “I aim to build on the excellent work and resources that the Stòrlann team has produced up till now. I look forward to working in partnership with other organisations to deliver the national targets for Gaelic in Scotland, with the aim of encouraging the use and acquisition of the language in the class room and in the home.”

Mr Morrison originally comes from Ness in Lewis, and has been working for Bòrd na Gàidhlig for the last eight years, latterly overseeing the development of the Gaelic language plans of public bodies.

Stòrlann is engaged in an exciting and creative field of work in which I have a deep interest,” he said.

“In addition, Stòrlann is an organisation that is central to the process of adding vitality to Gaelic in Scotland —  a language that is very close to my heart.”

Stòrlann chair Joan MacKinnon said: “We are very pleased that Donald has taken up his post, and we are confident that he will bring his own vision to it. We anticipate that this will be a successful period for the work of Stòrlann.”

For further information contact Donald Morrison on 01851 700880 



Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig, the National Gaelic Resource Agency, co-ordinates the production and distribution of Gaelic educational resources across Scotland. Funded by The Scottish Government and Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the agency works in partnership with local authorities across Scotland, Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) and other bodies to improve the range and quality of resources available to Gaelic education.

A small number of Stòrlann’s resources are produced exclusively for distribution to schools, but the majority are available to the general public for purchase. These include dictionaries, courses, games, posters, maps and much more. A number are ideally suited to adult learners. Find further info and our catalogue at www.storlann.co.uk/goireasan


This site is crammed with resources for parents interested in using Gaelic with their children. For simple Gaelic phrases for parents, audio-books, a forum, songs, rhymes and much, much more, visit the website now. If you have a child registered in Gaelic-medium education, contact your school for your unique login and password to enter the secure area on the site, where you can access live homework support and chat to other parents.

An Seotal is a Gaelic terminology database specifically for teaching secondary school subjects through the medium of Gaelic but is also a useful resource for other stakeholders such as broadcasters and dictionary collators. Collaborative working with appropriate bodies ensures the project’s terminology is accepted across a range of sectors. Find further information at www.anseotal.org.uk

E very year Stòrlann hosts a national Gaelic conference for primary and secondary teachers and early years workers. The conference focuses on learning and teaching approaches relating to new Stòrlann resources, or to forthcoming resources. Further information and a database of downloadable seminar papers and other materials from past conferences can be accessed at www.storlann.co.uk/an-t-alltan


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